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Introducing UI 2.0 Beta

What is the Adzerk UI 2.0 Beta?

We've been rewriting our user interface from the ground-up using the latest and greatest web technology. UI 2.0 has been in private Beta over the past few months, but we've recently opened it to all our customers!

Okay. Why should I use the UI 2.0 Beta?

Here are some new features you'll immediately notice:

  • Speed! OMG it's fast!
  • Crisp, clean new look & feel
  • Ability to painlessly scale to hundreds of thousands of campaigns, flights, site, zones, etc.
  • Works on your current account, alongside the existing UI & API
  • Deletion of campaigns!
  • More secure

Look, you can filter campaigns instantly! Righteous. 


Cool. Is [this feature] in UI 2.0 yet?

If it isn't, it will be soon! Here's what we have in the Beta today:

  • Campaign management
  • Flight management
  • Creative management
  • Site management (including ad tag generation)
  • Channel management 
  • Zone management
  • Advertiser management

 Here's what is coming soon:

  • Reporting (based on Reporting 2.0) 
  • Sales Management add-on
  • AdChain management
  • RTB management
  • eCPM Optimization Settings
  • User management (add/remove users, API key generation, etc.)
  • Advertiser accounts

When do I get that other fun stuff?

We'll be adding features and improvements on a regular basis. We'll include them in our regular weekly release note emails as they go live.

I'm game. How do I get started with the UI 2.0 Beta?

Bookmark this new link:

Instead of using, you'll use that link to access your account in UI 2.0.

On the login screen, use your organization name and your regular Adzerk email address and password.

Your organization name is in the top left corner of your UI 1.0 account. For example, in the screenshot below, the organization name is "Adzerk Sales".

Or— you can login directly from UI 1.0!

Click on the friendly banner, and you'll be redirected to the UI 2.0 login page!


Once I start using the 2.0 Beta, can I still use 1.0?

 Yes! You can access both accounts at the same time. 


Do I have to switch to UI 2.0 now?

UI 2.0 is still in Beta, and we're going to support both UI 1.0 and 2.0 for the foreseeable future. We'll add new features to both UIs, and we'll keep fixing issues in 1.0.

However, once UI 2.0 is fully released (targeted for early 2017), then we'll feature freeze the 1.0 UI and add new features only in UI 2.0.


How do I give you feedback on UI 2.0 Beta?

If you have any comments or questions, contact support at support [[at]] adzerk [[dot]] com.  

Please remember that this is a Beta app, which means there may still be outstanding issues.  If you encounter any, let us know and we'll get them fixed right away!


So how'd you make this new UI, anyway?

UI 2.0 is a single-page web application built on Hoplon, an open source set of ClojureScript libraries that allows for easy dataflow and interactions with web servers. Hoplon is supported by Adzerk and was developed by Adzerk engineers Alan Dipert and Micha Niskin.  

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